Roof Top Air Conditioner

Rooftop air conditioner is a self-contained unit which is usually installed on the rooftop of a commercial building. This type of unit can be for cooling only, heating only or a combination of both. Departmental stores, cinemas halls and supermarkets are ideal buildings for this type of air conditioning. Installing this unit is economical because it is already factory tested and assembled by the time it arrived at the site.

As these units are installed outdoor, they must be designed to withstand tough conditions such as strong gust of winds, rain and direct sunlight. Paint coating used is of suitable grade to withstand these harsh weather conditions.

The natural thought about rooftop air conditioners is that they are strictly for commercial use. The fact is, there are rooftop air conditioning systems designed for residential properties, and they can bring some benefits other models may not. Just as with other types of air conditioners, it’s important to first understand how a rooftop air conditioner works before choosing to install it, this is where we come in! Below are some of the benefits of using a rooftop air conditioning unit.

1. No need for a split unit

The standard central air conditioning system is a split system with an indoor unit and outdoor unit, which takes up extra space inside your business that you could more efficiently use for other purposes. With a rooftop package unit, all the components are stored in a single cabinet: the compressor, the evaporator coil, the condenser coil, and the blower fans. This not only frees up space inside your building, it also reduces problems from noise pollution, so you have a quieter workspace.

2. (Almost) no space limitations

The roof is the limit when it comes to the size of your commercial AC. You can have multiple rooftop package units together to supply as much air conditioning power to your business as necessary, without using up one extra inch of valuable workspace. No matter how big or how many rooftop units you need, they won’t become eyesores for the company either, since they remain well out of sight of all but helicopters.

3. Heat pump option

You can choose to have your rooftop AC installed as a heat pump, and that means you’ll have heating for the short winters taken care of at the same time—and no extra space needs to be sacrificed.

4. Humidity controls

Maintaining balances humidity is an important part of everyday life in Kenyan homes and businesses. Most of our packaged rooftop units come with humidistat technology that can control the moisture level inside your business and regulate the introduction of fresh air, creating a work environment comfortable for everyone.

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