Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Column type well known as floor-standing air-conditioners are mainly used in areas where it is impossible to use the surface of walls or the ceilings while on the floor there is available space. They are simple to install, create a powerful air flow directed by two rows of louvers, installed on the floor of the premises with an appearance similar to the cabinet.

There are times when you need to use a floor standing air conditioner to add extra cooling to an existing server room or datacentre as part of a permanent or temporary cooling solution. Floor standing air conditioners require connection to an outside condenser or heat exchange unit and electrical power connections at the base of the unit.

It’s a common misconception that if you don’t have the space for a standard split system wall air conditioner, you have no choice but to install ducted air conditioner this is however not always the case. A Floor Mounted Air Conditioner is often an affordable and highly effective solution.

How Floor Standing Air Conditioners Work

Unlike the name would suggest, a Floor Mounted Air Conditioner isn’t actually mounted on the floor. It’s simply a compact air conditioning unit that can be installed low on a wall, sitting just above the floor. They can also be mounted in a recessed or semi-recessed space and even directly under a window frame. Cold air is distributed from vents on either the top or the bottom of the unit, or a combination of both. In situations where there is not enough wall space, they can even be installed right up on the ceiling!

Reasons For Choosing a Floor Standing Air Conditioner

1. One of the main reasons people decide to have a floor standing air conditioning unit is due to the ease of installation and the implied cost savings. The internal air conditioner’s installation work simply involves wheeling the unit to its desired position and drilling a small hole for the pipe-work to leave the room. These units are also ideal if you are planning to move your business but want a short term AC solution which can easily be relocated to your new premises. In terms of power they are similar to ‘under-ceiling’ air conditioners and most floor units can easily pump air up to 10 meters away.

2. Because the floor air conditioner is at ground level it takes less time to feel its benefits than the wall mounted variety, at least to those in closer proximity to it. These appliances are useful in inside spaces that lack sufficient wall space to attach appliances, or within buildings constructed of fragile materials such as glass. Furthermore, the floor mounted units can look more discreet than their wall mounted alternatives, minimising the impact on a room’s aesthetics.

Floor Standing air conditioners can help you keep your home cool (or warm) inexpensively and without major installation work. Give us a call to get a price quote of this product.