Ducted Air Conditioners

A ducted air conditioner is one that is capable of cooling your entire home. It works by having a central unit that cools the air and then distributes the cooled air via a series of ducts into the rooms of your home. As well as a cooling only ducted air conditioner, you can also choose a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. These are great as they are capable of cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter. The air conditioner’s main units are installed in the ceiling, under the floor, or outside, depending on the specifics of your home.

Ducted air conditioners can also be fitted with inverters which make them more energy efficient as the inverter allows the air conditioner to maintain a consistent temperature by operating at the speed required.

Ducted air conditioners are absolutely great for most homes, and provide features that cannot be matched by any other type of air conditioner. Firstly, ducted air conditioners are able to cool your whole home, creating a stable and consistent temperature. You have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are in the home, you will be cool and comfortable. However, if energy efficiency is on your mind and you don’t want to cool rooms that aren’t being used, you can actually zone your ducted air conditioner. This means that you can tell it to operate only in the rooms that you want it to. For example, you can have a bedroom zone for night time, and a living zone for when you are watching TV in the day. Below are some of the reasons for choosing a ducted air conditioner.

1. A whole house solution

Ducted air conditioning is designed with the concept to cool and heat the whole house. The system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit pumps air to the indoor unit where the air is cooled or heated as desired and released through a network of ducting to each room.

2. Aesthetic

Ducted air conditioning is a sleek system which is unobtrusive to the design of your home. The outdoor unit is situated on an external wall and the indoor unit is installed into the roof cavity. The system is fitted off with stylish outlets in the ceiling and control panels on the wall in a central location. Therefore, no bulky unit displays will be in the interior of your home or office.

3. Safety

Are you worried about injury to you, your family, friends or pets? Rest assured, ducted air conditioning is a safe system with no risk of potential harm. Our quality air conditioner installers are fully qualified electricians and will install your ducted system correctly following all best practice procedures thus ensuring your safety. The unit is concealed in the roof cavity and outlets installed in the ceiling. There are no exposed flames, elements or fan blades and is out of reach, unlike other heating and cooling methods i.e. split system units.

4. User friendly

Ducted air conditioning is a “set and forget” system which is very easy to use. With the simple press of a button your air conditioning comes on. There are clear buttons which you use to set your desired air temperature and flow, which also allows you to turn off zones that aren’t being used, increasing efficiency and lowering your electricity bill.

Further to this, these days most ducted air conditioning systems have an app which can be installed on your tablet or smart phone with iOS (Apple) or Android capabilities. Ducted air conditioning is the only air system that uses an app. The app works as a remote control where you can adjust the temperature from anywhere, from a room in your home to your desk at work. This allows you to turn on your air conditioning before you arrive home, for example; using your smart phone to turn your air conditioning on from your workplace, cooling the house down before you get there.

5. Efficient

Ducted air conditioning is a great investment and can be considered as a luxury. It will simultaneously increase the value of your home. Initially these systems are more expensive to purchase and install compared to other heating and cooling devices, however the running costs of ducted air conditioning will offset this over time.

Ducted air conditioners can be perfect for your apartment. Give us a call for more details on this systems or for any installation inquiries.